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Colori di Roma

For Trumpet Quartet

Duration: 10 mins approx.


Composer's Note 

Colori di Roma (Roman Colours) is an early work of mine, composed for the trumpet quartet Bella Tromba.  I wrote the work following a trip to Rome and each of its four movements are inspired by colours that had caught my attention in both the paintings of the Vatican galleries and in walks around the city.  The first movement Rosso (Red) is an evocation of the warmth of a Roman summer: the distorting and bending of the trumpets’ notes intended to mirror the way in which a heat haze can make objects appear out of focus.  Verde (Green), which follows, depicts the River Tiber in a single winding line of music, exploring different combinations of mutes in a constantly shifting array of timbres.  The third movement Azzurro (Blue) is more energetic and strongly rhythmic in nature with the use of fanfare-like figures a tribute to the brilliant, azure skies that hang above the city. Colori di Roma is then brought to a calm conclusion with Oro (Gold) which seeks to capture the way that Rome becomes bathed in golden light in the late afternoon. 

Click HERE to listen to Bella Tromba play an excerpt from III. Azzurro.

Click HERE to listen to Bella Tromba play IV. Oro.




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