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Danze Del Corso

Divertimento for Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Double Bass and Percussion

Duration: 7 mins 30 secs approx.

Composer's Note

Often when composing I find that memories drift in and out of my mind. Whilst writing this particular work I found myself constantly revisited by recollections of a few days that my wife and I had spent together in Rome, wandering through the streets of the Eternal City, and thus the piece became a sort of retrospective diary of this time.


Scored in a single movement, Danze Del Corso is a somewhat nostalgic stroll through sunlit streets and neighbourhoods. The work begins with a lyrical prelude which leads into a series of dance-like fragments – some jaunty, others more tranquil, and the final one, fast and playful – before a reflective coda brings the music to a close.


Entirely unrelated to Rome is the choice of ensemble (trumpet, bass clarinet, double bass and percussion) which is a tribute to Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker's quartet of trumpet, baritone saxophone, bass and drumkit – music that I grew up listening too and that remains important to me still.

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