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For Violin and 'Cello

Duration: 6 mins approx.

Composer's Note

In writing 'Duo', a musical response to the work of Canan Tolon, I found myself especially drawn to the artist's aesthetics and methods. First of all, Tolon's use of coffee grounds and the 'allowance' of rust to play a part in her work are approaches that to me seemed poetic and almost rustic, and this knowledge led me to composing a piece that is rather bucolic - even folk music-like at times - in which the open strings (the natural properties of the instruments) play a prominent role. Secondly, in walking around the Parasol unit's exhibition, I was struck by how, very often, a single work is comprised of a number of different panels and I have tried to allude to this element of Tolon's work in my music by writing a piece that is structured in clearly defined panels of musical material. Lastly, it was important to me that I responded to the directness of Tolon's art. Whilst it is full of intricacies, what I love most about it is that when one steps back, there is also something arrestingly simple that stays with the viewer. Musically therefore my piece, 'Duo' is largely rather un-complicated with melody playing perhaps the most important role.


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